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  • Electric Hand massager
  • Electric Hand massager
  • Electric Hand massager
  • Electric Hand massager
Electric Hand massager Electric Hand massager Electric Hand massager Electric Hand massager

Electric Hand massager

  • Product Item : EH-0002
  • Product description : Electric Hand Massager,Palm Acupressure Massage with Powerful Air Compression
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  • With intelligent air pressure function, massages the pressure points around the hand with feel free to adjust the massage area.
  • Smart hand massager: adjustable air pressure, with 6-level strength and pressure, suitable for different users' needs.User who has an arthritis or sensitive hands is not recommended to buy this unit, Air pressure may be too strong for some people.
  • Wireless & Portable with Lightness, suitable for home, office and travelling to wireless use.
  • Great Gift for people who use their hands more without relaxation such as computer worker, pianist and housewife etc.
  • Cordless Lithium Ion battery never needs to be replaced and is rechargeable using a USB cord. 
  • · WHILE OTHER HAND MASSAGERS offer only compression without the actual kneading, hurt your sore fingers due to strong pressure or they just break after a few weeks, the Pressure Point Therapy Massager is 100% ADJUSTABLE for your OWN needs without causing any extra pain. The UNIQUE hand massager with shiatsu technology combines compression, HEAT, kneading, and VIBRATION to offer you the closest feeling to a REAL hand massage whenever you need it. – YOUR PRIORITIES ARE IMPORTANT FOR US!

    · EVERYONE DESERVES PAINLESS & RELAXING DAYS! You want to GET RID of finger numbness and joint soreness, RELIEF the pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel and RELAX your hand muscle are a lot day of working. We designed the MOST EFFICIENT finger & palm massager with heat for your needs. No matter if you do manual work, play an instrument, type all day at work or play sports, you WILL FEEL its WONDERS on your tired hands and ENJOY the relaxing mood with the loved ones. – SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOURSELF!

    · OUR MISSION IS TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & MAKE YOU SMILE –   our Premium Massager for Hands uses the Acupressure Therapy to STIMULATE your acupoints and IMPROVE blood circulation. Over 300 physical hand therapy patients have successfully TESTED the massage tool and they experienced a DECREASE in arthritis pain and FASTER recovery after carpel tunnel surgery. – IT’S NEVER BEEN EAS

    · THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A LOVED ONE - If you are looking for a great gift that has an INNOVATIVE life-improving factor, then you would love our Cordless Heated Massager. The UNIQUE sleek design with shiatsu technology can fit a home vibrant or a professional office desk. The soft interior cushion ensures 100% COMFORT and the tingling feeling is normal during any type of massage. Charge it ONCE and you can use FOR HOURS wherever you want WITHOUT worrying about cords or outlets. – BE KIND & MA

    YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST QUALITY! We pride ourselves on providing only TESTED & PREMIUM products with LIFETIME Warranty and amazing UNITED STATES based customer support for our community of hardworking Americans. We designed the Electric Massager for Hand & Fingers with ATTENTION-TO-DETAIL to bring PEACE OF MIND and pain relief in your daily life. Add to cart one of our Pressure Vibrating Hand Reflexology Massagers


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